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Neurotoxin services, such as Xeomin, Botox, and Dysport, represent a significant advancement in aesthetic medicine, offering a non-surgical solution for smoother skin and a more youthful complexion. The treatments temporarily paralyze the muscles that contribute to wrinkles, smoothing the skin and preventing the formation of new lines with minimal downtime. Ideal for treating areas like the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), between the eyebrows (the ‘elevens’), and around the mouth, neurotoxin injections are quick, safe, and tailored to meet the individual’s needs. Suitable for anyone looking to diminish the signs of aging and improve their skin’s appearance, results typically become visible within a few days to a week post-treatment, with the outcomes lasting several months, depending on the individual and the type of Neurotoxin used.

Neurotoxin treatments ensure you receive care from experienced and highly trained medical professionals using the latest techniques and technologies. Our personalized approach ensures your treatment aims to achieve your desired results, providing a safe, effective, and satisfying experience. Whether you’re seeking to reduce wrinkles and fine lines or even treat excessive sweating, our neurotoxin services offer a solution. Expect to see results that can enhance your confidence and refresh your appearance. We invite you to book an appointment at Avia Medical Spa in Carrollton, TX, today and take the first step towards a more vibrant, youthful you.

Disclaimer *Results may vary. Patients may need multiple services to reach improved results. We strive to give patients the best experience and reach their aesthetic goals.

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Benefits of Neurotoxin Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

People who want to improve their appearance by reducing wrinkles and fine lines or treating excessive sweating are potential candidates for neurotoxin treatments.
Results typically appear within a few days to a week after the treatment.
The results can last several months, depending on the type of Neurotoxin used and the individual’s response to the treatment.
There is minimal downtime. The injection site may have mild swelling, bruising, or redness, but it usually disappears quickly.
Before treatment, avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements. After treatment, avoid touching the treated area, strenuous exercise, and alcohol for 24 hours.
A medical professional injects the Neurotoxin into the targeted muscles during the treatment. You may experience mild discomfort, but the quick procedure has minimal side effects.

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