Hydrafacial Keravive in Carrollton, TX

Keravive is a specialized treatment that cleanses, stimulates, and nourishes your scalp for fuller, healthier-looking hair. This innovative service combines the cleansing power of a traditional Hydrafacial with ingredients specifically chosen to target the scalp’s unique needs. By using a combination of exfoliation, extraction, and hydration, Hydrafacial Keravive effectively removes dirt, oil, and product buildup from the scalp while delivering growth factors and proteins to promote scalp health. It is an excellent treatment for scalp issues and hair health. Results can occur after one session, with optimal outcomes visible after several treatments. Depending on individual hair growth cycles and scalp conditions, the effects can last for months. Looking to improve their scalp health and hair appearance, Avia Medical Spa offers the Hydrafacial Keravive treatment. This service is perfect for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their scalp and enhance hair volume and shine. Typically, you will see improved scalp health and hair quality within a few weeks of your first treatment, with sustained results following a recommended treatment plan. Book an appointment at Avia Medical Spa in Carrollton, TX, today to discover the benefits of Hydrafacial Keravive.
Disclaimer *Results may vary. Patients may need multiple services to reach improved results. We strive to give patients the best experience and reach their aesthetic goals.

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Benefits of Hydrafacial Keravive

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone is experiencing scalp issues like dryness, irritation, or thinning hair, as well as those looking to maintain healthy hair and scalp hygiene.
Visible improvements can often occur after just one treatment, with optimal results appearing after several treatments.
Depending on your hair growth cycle and scalp condition, the effects can last for months.
No, there is no downtime, and minimal side effects make it a convenient option for most people.
Before your Hydrafacial Keravive session, ensure your hair and scalp are clean and free from styling products. Afterward, maintain a gentle hair care routine, avoiding harsh chemicals and heat styling to allow optimal absorption of the treatment’s nutrients.
The Hydrafacial Keravive treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating the scalp, followed by applying a nutrient-rich solution to nourish the scalp and hair follicles.

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