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Vein Removal, also known as sclerotherapy, is a minimally invasive medical procedure designed to diminish the appearance of spider and varicose veins. The treatment involves injecting a liquid into the veins, causing them to collapse and eventually disappear. Typically performed by trained medical professionals, Vein Removal can effectively treat veins on the legs, thighs, and other areas prone to vascular issues. Suitable for individuals bothered by the cosmetic appearance of prominent veins or experiencing discomfort due to venous insufficiency, Vein Removal offers a non-surgical solution with noticeable results.

The procedure often yields visible improvements within a few weeks, although multiple sessions may be necessary for optimal outcomes. Results from Vein Removal can last for several years, though touch-up treatments are sometimes needed to maintain the desired appearance. At Avia Medical Spa, located in Carrollton, TX, we tailor safe and effective Vein Removal procedures to meet your unique needs. Schedule your appointment today and take the first step towards achieving smoother and clearer skin.

Disclaimer *Results may vary. Patients may need multiple services to reach improved results. We strive to give patients the best experience and reach their aesthetic goals.

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Benefits of Vein Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Vein Removal is suitable for individuals with varicose or spider veins seeking cosmetic improvement or relief from discomfort.
You can expect noticeable improvements following the vein removal procedure within a few weeks. Depending on the individual, multiple sessions may be necessary for optimal outcomes.
Vein Removal results can last several years with proper care and maintenance. However, touch-up treatments may be necessary occasionally to maintain the desired appearance.
There may be minor bruising, swelling, or discomfort, but minimal downtime and side effects are temporary.
Before Vein Removal treatment, avoid sun exposure and certain medications. Afterward, follow post-procedure instructions, including wearing compression stockings and avoiding strenuous activities.
During the Vein Removal procedure, the injected veins collapse and fade over time. Generally, the procedure is quick and relatively painless, with minimal discomfort experienced by most patients.

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