Hydrafacial with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Hydrafacial with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy by Avia Medical Spa in the United States

What is Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is an important part of the body’s immune system. It helps the body eliminate waste and toxins, fight infection, and maintain fluid balance. 

Lymph is a clear fluid that flows through the lymph vessels and carries waste and toxins away from the cells. Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped organs located along the lymph vessels. They filter the lymph and help fight infection.

If the lymphatic system is not working properly, it can cause various problems. The body may retain more toxins and waste, making the person susceptible to infection. Additionally, it can cause lymphedema, a condition in which excess lymph fluid builds up in the tissues and causes swelling.

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that helps to promote the movement of lymph fluid around the body. This fluid is important for removing waste and toxins from the tissues, and the massage helps to encourage its flow. Lymphatic drainage massage can be helpful for people with a build-up of lymph fluid, such as those who have undergone surgery or have lymphoedema. 

What is Hydrafacial Treatment?

Hydrafacial treatment is a great option for those looking for a way to improve their skin without undergoing a more invasive procedure. It is a facial treatment that uses a special machine to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. 

A treatment that uses a unique, patented serum delivery system to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. It is safe for all skin types and can be customized to address specific concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, congestion, and more. Hydrafacial is a quick, comfortable treatment that delivers noticeable results without downtime.

How does Hydrafacial Treatment work with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?

Hydrafacial treatment uses lymphatic drainage to help remove toxins and congestion from the skin. This therapy can benefit people suffering from acne, rosacea, and blotchy skin. The treatment can also help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that helps to stimulate the lymphatic system. This system is responsible for transporting fluids and waste products from the tissues to the bloodstream. The lymphatic system’s function helps keep the skin clear and healthy.

Before starting the hydrafacial treatment, lymphatic drainage therapy is performed on the face. This helps to loosen and remove congestion from the skin. The practitioner then uses a special machine to extract toxins and impurities.

Combining lymphatic drainage with hydrafacial treatment can help improve the skin’s overall appearance. This combination treatment can help to detoxify both the face & body, reduce swelling, and promote the natural drainage of the lymph system.

Steps Involved in Hydrafacial Treatment combined with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. 


The therapist will give light strokes and pressure using a special wand-like device to help move the lymph fluid through the vessels. This message is often used to help reduce swelling, improve circulation, and boost the immune system.


deeply cleans and softens the skin to help loosen dead skin cells and prepare for extractions.


Minimize congestion in pores with Painless suction and hydrates the skin by infusing Hydrating serums.

Step 4 – REPLENISH & PROTECT      

Revitalize & Replenish your skin with potent moisturizers and nourishing Boosters. 


Hydrafacial treatment has many benefits, from improving your skin’s appearance to reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Lymphatic drainage therapy is a gentle massaging technique that helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation.

When these two therapies are combined, they can provide an even deeper level of cleansing and detoxification and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The result is a powerful duo that can help give you the radiant and healthy skin you’ve always wanted. The Lymphatic Drainage add-on is an excellent way to boost the benefits of your HydraFacial. If you’re interested in trying this powerful and effective service, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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